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Special House Lo Mein

Fic: Getting Out of Reverse 9/15? (Rated PG-13)

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[HMD] House
Special House Lo Mein

Fic: Getting Out of Reverse 9/15? (Rated PG-13)

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[IM3] Ending T/P
A/N: I know it's been a long time since I updated and I apologize for it but I've been hit by MAJOR writer's block that hasn't truly resolved itself. 

Again if Huddy isn't your thing then turn thee back!

See full disclaimers and header here.

Beta: The lovely and helpful bonomania  (and I hope this IS the post beta version of the chapter she did)


-- chapter nine

In the weeks that followed Cuddy's disastrous dinner with House, things went as normally as they had since Wilson had left except House refused to speak to Cuddy. Any time she had tried to talk to him about anything personal, he either outright ignored her or he had kept himself with clinic duty and even with finishing up some his backed up paperwork. After House made it clear he wasn't going to acknowledge her in any real capacity as a person, Cuddy dropped her attempts to get him to talk about anything that wasn't related to work.

Things between them stayed that way for the next three weeks when House called into work one morning saying he was sick was with a stomach virus and he should be back to work on Monday. Cuddy had been unable to stop herself from making an offer to drop off some anti-nausea medication and ginger ale. House's reply to her is so harsh Cuddy finds herself blinking back hurt tears that quickly change into anger. She tells him fine then, that she'd see him on Monday before she ended the call with a little more force than necessary by putting the phone down hard into the receiver.

The anger Cuddy had felt quickly dissipated which allowed the initial hurt she felt to return full force in its wake. Her heart was made heavier with the thought of House's own hurt. Cuddy knew he had yet to get over the hurt from Wilson ending their friendship. Cuddy wished not for the first time since she's known House he'd talk about his feelings instead of bottling them all up inside where they could eat away at him like a cancer. But wishing he would open up wasn't going to make it happen so Cuddy finally pushed thoughts of House out her mind, and got busy with running her hospital.

Cuddy resists any temptations she had felt to check up on House over the weekend because she knew he wouldn't appreciate her efforts. The stinging from the memory of Friday's phone conversation also keeps her away since she doesn't think she can take his deliberate cruelty again so soon. On Monday morning ten minutes after House was suppose to have arrived for work already, Cuddy called up to diagnostics and was surprised when one of his team answered instead. "Dr. Kutner, when he gets in tell Dr. House I want to see him in my office."

"All right. Will do."


After hanging up the phone, Cuddy opened up one of the reports on her desk deciding she'd get some work done while she waited for House. It was only after one hour, five reports, and a thirty-five minute conversation with a hospital donor later Cuddy realized House still hadn't come to her office. She picked up her phone and started to dial House's office but then stopped when she decided to walk up to diagnostics instead. She was reasonably sure Kutner delivered her message to House the moment he had walked in the door and she even more sure House was in a foul enough mood to have ignored the request.

But she walked into diagnostics to see Thirteen sorting through House's mail while Foreman was pouring over some files at the conference table. Cuddy sighed before she asked, "Where's House?"

Foreman looked up at her, "As far as I know he hasn't come in yet."

"Do we have a new patient?" Thirteen asked from her seat at House's desk.

Cuddy shook her head, and glanced at her watch. She felt some disappointment when she saw the time was 11:43. Almost noon. Cuddy walked over to House's desk, picked up the phone, and dialed his home phone number. Eight rings later Cuddy hung up when neither House or his answering machine had answered. Foreman had joined them in the office as she said, "He's not answering."

"Maybe someone should go over there to check on him," Thirteen suggested.

Foreman rolled his eyes, shook his head, and turned to go back to the conference table.


"House is probably playing one of his games," Foreman shot back.

"Or House was wrong about it being a simple 48 hour virus and is sicker than he expected," Thirteen countered.

They all knew that it also could be an episode of breakthrough in his leg though none of them said it. Instead Cuddy made the decision and voiced it before either of them could say anything else. "Someone should go check on House."

"I'll go," Thirteen volunteered, saving Foreman the necessity of having to make an excuse as to why he couldn't go.

Cuddy nodded, "Thank you, Dr. Hadley." She went out in the corridor to wait while Thirteen traded her lab coat for the jacket she had worn in, and stepped out into the corridor too.

Surprise crossed Thirteen's face as she asked, "Dr. Cuddy, is there something wrong?"

"No, there's nothing wrong, but I need to see you in my office before you leave." Thirteen nodded and wordlessly followed Cuddy to her office. Once there Cuddy went to her desk where she took out a key. "If you're going to check on House you'll probably need this to get inside the door."

"House gave you a key to his apartment?" Thirteen asked, puzzlement clear in her voice.

Cuddy shook her head, and handed her the key, "No, the key belonged to Dr. Wilson. He gave it to me before he. . . left town."

Thirteen raised an eyebrow at the mention of Wilson's name but took the key without further comment. "I'll let you know what I find out."

"Thank you." 




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