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Special House Lo Mein

Fic: Getting Out of Reverse 10/15? (Rated PG-13)

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[HMD] House
Special House Lo Mein

Fic: Getting Out of Reverse 10/15? (Rated PG-13)

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[IM3] Ending T/P
A/N: This is definitely the LAST update until I get the breakthrough I need to finish Chapter 11.

See full disclaimers and header here. This chapter betaed by the lovely bonomania  and medical stuff ran by drstrangelove12  and any medical errors that remain are mine!

-- chapter ten

Fifteen minutes later, Thirteen was standing outside the locked door of House's apartment. Her knuckles had quickly become raw and sore from the knocking she'd been doing since she'd arrived. “House, open the door! House!” With one last painful rapt on the door, Thirteen swore under her breath at the newly formed wound on her knuckles and made the decision to use the key Cuddy had given her. Even as she stuck the key into the lock, Thirteen knew she very well might be wasting her time since she hadn't yet heard anything from within the apartment. Once the door was unlocked Thirteen took a moment to ready herself for anything House might say or do and then she quietly went in. 


Once the door was unlocked Thirteen took a moment to ready herself for anything House might say or do and then she quietly opened the door. The place was a wreck with several various takeout cartons littering the room, with several looking as though they were weeks old. Several beer cans along with a few whiskey bottles were laid here or there, and shredded sheets of music paper had been rained all over the place as well.

The smell of vomit permeated the air.

Before she had time to really consider what this could mean, a low groan interrupted her thoughts. Her attention went immediately to the couch where the sound had come from. She crossed the room in a few careful steps, and as she neared it she understood why she hadn't seen him when she first entered the room.

However she was surprised by the shredded paper she found because it was sheet music. However she wasn't given a long time to wonder why House did this because a low groan drew her attention to the couch. “House?” As she neared the couch she discovered why she hadn't seen him when she first came in. 

Thirteen looked down on House's large frame contorted in the fetal position, both hands clutching his damaged thigh. He was pale, covered in sweat and she saw puddles of drying vomit on the floor in front of the couch and as carefully as she could she moved around to the front of the couch, just avoiding them. House still hadn't acknowledged her presence so she cautiously extended a hand to check his pulse. She was alarmed when she felt how high it was, “House?” 

Thirteen really didn't wait for a response from him but went into action, searching the apartment for a blanket. Since she didn't know where House kept the extras she just grabbed the one she could find right off his bed, and returned to the living room. She covered House with it, wishing she could elevate his legs too but knew that was impossible until he was given something for the pain. She checked his pulse one more time before reaching for the phone.

Nine one one. What is your emergency?”

This is Dr. Remy Hadley from Princeton-Plainsboro. I need an ambulance at this address right away. I've got a chronic pain patient who is experiencing breakthrough pain and has gone into shock. He is also tachycardiac.” Once the dispatcher confirmed the ambulance was eight minutes out, Thirteen hung up and went to look for any injectable painkillers she could give House.

She headed to the bathroom first, dialing Cuddy's number as she walked and she wasn't surprised when it was answered on the very first ring.

How's House?” Cuddy blurted without preamble.

Thirteen wasted no time, “Do you know if House has any morphine in his apartment?”


Thirteen had finished her whirlwind search of the bathroom, and found everything she would expect in a bachelor's pad (although the rubber ducky was a surprise) but nothing she could use. She decided she'd only search House's bedroom as a last result, and started back toward the front of the apartment. “Does House have any morphine here?”

Cuddy paused, worried why she was asking about whether or not House had any morphine, especially since she had yet to specify what was wrong. “Dr. Hadley, what is wrong with House?”

Cuddy's tone stopped Thirteen cold in her tracks. She looked at House still in clear agony on the couch as she answered the question. “House is unresponsive and is in shock from breakthrough leg pain which seems to have been made worse by the fact he is also in detox, which is why I need to know if he has anything stronger than ibuprofen!”


Cuddy knew House had kept morphine in his apartment before the incident with Tritter but she wasn't sure about since then. The vindictive detective had confiscated the morphine along with the Vicodin stash House had accumulated and after it had all been over Cuddy had never asked if he'd replaced it because she didn't want to know. “If he has any I don't know where he keeps it.”

Then he'll just have to wait for the EMTs to get here.” Thirteen glanced at her watch. “The ambulance is still four minutes out. I'll do what I can until they arrive.”


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