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[HMD] House
Special House Lo Mein

Episode Thoughts

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[IM3] Ending T/P

I'm two days late with this but just got a chance tonight to rewatch this week's episode...

In no particular order!
+ I liked this episode quite a bit - not as much as the episode before it but I found the POTW's case interesting and I was actually interested in the Taub side story (won't call it Story B because I think that label is more appropriate for the House/Wilson happenings in this ep).
+ I thought the medical science in this episode was a little too sci-fi because seriously do they have the ability to map someone's mind as they were trying to do with the patient this week?
+ Haha I so knew House would interrupt Taub's make out session with his wife in the parking garage just like he grabbed Taub's phone and started replying to what she was saying!
+ You know at the end the look on House's face when he watched Taub walk away with the nurse made me think he wanted to believe Taub when he said he's not cheating on his wife again yet he also knows Taub's history and he's an observer of human nature but something tells me while he looked at it cynically I believe he really wanted to hope Taub isn't cheating on his wife again. *shrugs* Wow did that make ANY sense at all?
+ One part I absolutely ADORED was when House asked Foreman if anyone has told him he can be a real buzz kill and the rest of the team said "YES" together!
+ Another part was when Thirteen said something about maybe they should look at the girl's liver (?) and Taub said something about her toe and then apologized saying something along the lines he thought they were just naming body parts that had nothing to do with this girl's problem. The sarcasm in that reply was worthy of one of House's retorts :-)
+ Wow I really thought the boyfriend's dad could have reached the point he wanted to hit House.
+ Not sure HOW I feel yet about the end scene with House and Wilson.

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