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[HMD] House
Special House Lo Mein


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[IM3] Ending T/P
Wow I have to say the way the team (except Masters) gave up on House when he was in the isolation room staring down the barrel of possible death by smallpox was uninspiring. No joke I told a friend tonight House needs to fire everyone on his team but Masters since only she was willing to keep going to find a way to help House.

Oh and what's with Cuddy? I thought she didn't want House to change yet she seems to be taking the fact he lied to save a patient's life is something new and as though he's never done it before. I highly doubt he won't ever do such a thing again because it was clear to me House didn't see it as having done anything wrong because he saved that man's life, But having said that, WHY did he come in early at the start of the episode and WHY was he voluntarily doing clinic duty? Feeling guilt for lying to Cuddy? I honestly don't think that's the case so WHY?

One last thing, why did CDC guys always think House doesn't know how to handle being around disease like say smallpox? HELLO infectious disease specialist people! This is the second time the CDC has dissed House with the first time coming during the Euphoria 2 parter when they wouldn't let him take a sample of the dead cop's brain tissue. Being an infectious disease specialist suggests to me he would know how to keep from getting infected and how to keep others from being infected too while interacting/taking samples from infected patients!

Oh and House, please stop getting relationship advice from a man who has three ex wives and is currently in a relationship with ex wife #1!
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