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This is the home for my reviews and fanfics for TV series House M.D.

You should know:
- I don't write slash. Period.
- If there's one pairing I ship in the House fandom then it's Huddy.
- This goes with not writing slash that I only like House and Wilson's relationship seen as a friendship. If I ship them, then it's as FRIENDS ONLY.
- Kutner is was my favorite duckling of House's new team and since losing Kutner, Taub has become my favorite.
- I'm not sure I had a favorite on the old team but I think Chase came as close to being my favorite since he didn't annoy me like Cameron can and has in the past irritated me like Foreman does. (I'm generally indifferent to Foreman most of the time)

My favorite episodes of the series are:
- Damned If You Do (S1)
- Three Stories (S1)
- Autopsy (S2)
- Son of a Coma Guy (S3)
- One Day One Room (S3)
- Fetal Position (S3)
- Frozen (S4)
- Not Cancer (S5)
- Let Them Eat Cake (S5)

Honorable mentions in no particular order: Histories (S1), Detox (S1), Daddy's Boy (S2), The Mistake (S2), Need To Know (S2), Failure To Communicate (S2), Skin Deep (S2), Finding Judas (S3), Words and Deeds (S3), Top Secret (S3), Resignation (S3), Human Error (S3), Alone (S4), Lines In the Sand (S4), Wilson's Heart (S4), Joy (S5), The Itch (S5), Unfaithful (S5), The Social Contract (S5), Here Kitty (S5), Locked In (S5), Under My Skin (S5), Both Sides Now (S5), Broken (S6), Private Lives (S6), Knight Fall (S6), Baggage (S6)

I'll add more things as I think of them.

Disclaimer: I don't own House as it belongs to Fox, David Shore, and Bad Hat Hair Harry Productions. No copyright infringement is intended by these stories and I ask not to be sued over them!